Our goal is to create a world where mental well-being is a top priority for everyone.

We are on a mission to empower managers, employees, and individuals to feel and perform at their best, every single day.

Who we are

Think of Ahum as a safe space for emotions. A place where individuals can take ownership of their feelings and improve mental well-being. We understand that life can be stressful and overwhelming, and we're here to help, offering science-backed content and therapy options that equip you with practical skills and strategies to strengthen your mental resilience.

Why we do it

We’re here to revolutionize therapy to make it more effective and accessible for everyone. With the increasing prevalence of mental illness in the world, we need smarter care methods to meet the growing needs. At Ahum, we have the solution, and we're ready to make a real impact.

"Our ambition is to revolutionize the approach of delivering healthcare to employees. We believe that current EAP solutions are senseless, costly, and outdated. Our goal is to bring in a cutting-edge delivery methodology coupled with an all-encompassing digital solution to change the board. Our aim is not just to shake the tree but to cultivate a new garden of efficiency for companies, making it possible for them to stretch the same budget to double the healthcare provision for their workforce. It’s the art of disruption, and we’re holding the brush."

Allireza, CEO at Ahum

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